Notts tops tables in tunes, tees and DVDs

We are very well equipped

Nottingham splash more cash on music and clothes than any other uni. 

A recent study by online retailer Amazon has revealed that Nottingham students spend more than any others on clothes, music downloads and DVDs.

The Data was collected by trawling through the purchases of everyone signed up to AmazonStudent. Xavier Garambois, Vice President of EU Retail at Amazon said: “Starting University can be an expensive time; whether it’s the initial outlay on text books or homewares for new halls, there’s plenty that students need for their new life.”

3rd year medic Ross remarked: “I can see people at Notts buying a lot of garms but who in 2014 is still paying for music?”

Weirdly, Notts students also placed second in the Toys category, proving we’re all still kids at heart.


The results also proved that the north-south divide is still alive and well on campuses across the UK. Those at universities in the midlands and the north are buying the most fashion, technology and toys, with no southern unis outside London even getting a look in.

For many Notts students, this may be a familiar sight

For many Notts students, this may be a familiar sight

The popularity of Amazon in Nottingham may be bad news for high street retailers who may be looking to take advantage of all the new freshers wandering into town with their pockets full of mummy and daddy’s money.

The ONS has released figures that show that the average student spends over £11,000 on books, clothes, nightlife and bills every year in their uni city.

Since 2003, the number of places at UoN and the poly down the road has increased by over 7000 , massively boosting the spending power of students all across the city.