Freshers set to spend nearly £800,000 on freshers’

Freshers are set to spend £101,500 on the Finale Party alone

This year’s newbies will each spend over £200 in freshers’ week.

According to our sums freshers will spend a whopping £784,040 on Week One altogether.

Whether your Welcome Week kicks off with a dip in the Ocean for Baywatch or takes you back to school at Crisis, at £5 each tickets for Week One will make a bit of a dent in the loan.

Bunny ears are worth the money, trust us.

Bunny ears are worth the money, trust us.

The average night will set you back £32.98. This estimation includes a ticket, a flower lei for Baywatch, 6 jagerbombs, 4 shots and an obligatory budget takeaway. This estimation does not include loss of dignity.

However the whole week could cost this year’s freshers a whopping £230.86 in total.

This eye watering sum comes by estimating that each fresher will:

1. Attend 5 Welcome Week club nights

2. See Artful Dodger at the Freshers Finale

3. Eat at least 2 takeaways from Max’s pizza, D2 or Spices

4. Lose a whole penny of their deposit after a not so tactical chunder

5. Buy two fancy dress ensembles from Luvvybabes or Portland

6. Be forced to purchase  at least one emergency bottle of ‘nice’ vodka from Portland SU shop

7. Buy membership to Quidditch soc just because it sounds magical

8. Take one £1 trip to and from town


According to Tab maths the week one finale alone will set this year’s freshers back £101,500 in total.

Tom Joy, an aspiring electrical engineer at UoN, said: “That’s alright, I suppose, as long as it’s not shit”.

Last year's freshers finale. Source: flikr

Last year’s freshers finale. Source: flikr

At £29 per ticket the Welcome Week finale on Sunday is likely to be freshers’ biggest expense.

According to the SU’s Welcome Week Guide 3,500 students are set to attend.

With big names such as Maverick Sabre, Blonde (Eton Messy) and Artful Dodger. the finale looks like its could be worth the wonga.