Notts knocked by Times rankers

Up from 23rd to 22nd and still miles beyond Trent

A new UK ranking has put Nottingham just outside the top 20, drawing with Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The rankers at the Sunday Times today released their definitive table of the UK’s Unis. Nottingham made a very slight improvement, inching up from 23rd to 22nd place, firmly among other Russells at the top of the table.

But, we’re the most in demand in the UK for graduate employment. And we’re in the top 50 worldwide.

We’re also really popular. Only the two Manchester unis received more applications.

Our new SU president Harry Copson rated our enormous campus. But, he said: “The worst feature is we’re not allowed to swim in our lake.”

Maybe that’s the reason we fared less well in the student satisfaction category, placing a very bang average 64th, sitting comfortably in the lower mid table and below even the cavemen over at Trent.

You know what to do Copson…

There was better news in other areas, UoN had the 15th highest completion rate with 94% of undergrads completing their intended course which means unfortunately most of the gormless freshers wandering around Portland will be in it for the long haul.

The University also embarrassingly fell out of the global top 75 for the first time since 2009, meaning that most of those boastful green signs are now woefully inaccurate.

However, even with the slight fall to the 77th best university in the world, UoN is sitting pretty 624 places above Trent, wallowing in the shameful 700s.

They also did poorly across all other areas, coming 71st in graduate prospects, 70th in research quality and 52nd overall adding even more weight to the argument that there’s only really one uni in Notts.

3rd year Tom agreed with Trent’s Global ranking. He said: “I’m surprised they even made the top 1000, my left nut produces more quality research than they do”