Is this the most excited Fresher in Nottingham?

Meet the PhD student showing freshers how to be keen

After scouring the pages of every hall on Facebook to find the keenest Notts fresher, The Tab can exclusively reveal the search is over.

He has been found.

Maxime Villa, a PhD Student from Montpellier, has proved himself to be more eager than all others, even before he’s set foot in our fair institution.

maxime 35

Members of the Raleigh Park Freshers 2014/2015 group may recognise Maxime from his emphatic, enthusiastic and incredibly frequent posts on everything from inline skates to what kitchen utensils he should bring.



Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Maxime offered nothing but praise for our beloved uni.

He said: “It’s one of the top universities worldwide. I’ve never been to a kind of big party like this one. I can’t wait to see how big it will be.”

When asked how he plans to deal with the Big O, Maxime elaborated on his clubbing experience and proved he was no novice when it comes to Ocean.

He said: “My mum always forbids me to swim where I can’t reach the ground with my feet. She says it’s not safe.”



Aside from parent sanctioned swimming, Maxime’s hobbies include roller blading and enjoying all the English weather has to offer.

He said: “I was told that it was raining more in the UK than in the south of France, which is going to be quite a problem for me because I love to skate. Nevertheless,  I’m really looking forward to becoming a kid again and play with snow!”

When asked what he’s most looking forward to about freshers, Maxime spoke highly of the “socialising” involved in the evening events, and seemed keen to get stuck into a unique British custom as soon as he discovered what was involved.

He said: “What is to strawpedo? Nah… SERIOUSLY? Are you guys crazy? Alcohol is bad for head GIVE ME A BOTTLE! I WANT TO TRY IT!!!”