Fresher’s Finale re-ewinds with Artful Dodger

Nineties garage act among this year’s Week One Finale headliners. 

Artful Dodger have been announced as one of several acts at this year’s Fresher’s Finale.

The SU posted on their Facebook page that the R’n’B band of late-nineties early noughties fame will grace the Capital FM arena stage to celebrate the end of the best week of your life.

Artful Dodger will re-rewind fresher’s to when they were only 4 years old. Their massive hit Movin’ Too Fast was released in 2000. How old do you feel now?

Artful Dodger are a firm Nottingham favourite – they were a popular act at this summer’s post-exam blow out No Tomorrow festival, where they had a whole tentful of us waving our hands in the air like we just didn’t care.

Freshers are already really excited on twitter.

And we don’t know where this guy witnessed ‘genuine resentment’, only excitement here.

They join a long line of generally below par but mostly this decade acts such as  Ms Dynamite, Wretch 32, Tynchy Stryder and last year’s big name Alex Clare (of Microsoft advert fame if you couldn’t remember).

Bets are on for which Radio 1 DJ drew the short straw and is doing the Freshers rounds this year and will be joining Artful Dodger on Sunday 28th September at the Capital FM arena. Let’s take a guess at Tom Deacon.

Tickets are available here.