Alfreton Road closed after accident

An accident on Alfreton road has lead to one lane being closed coming away from town – watch out for traffic.

An accident involving a bus has taken place on Alfreton Road in the last hour.

Details are unclear but currently one lane is blocked by a shed load of emergency services. Reports suggest there’s been a serious injury on the blue bus pictured after an accident – allegedly at 6:40 someone was carried from the bus on a stretcher.

Drivers – you can get into town via Alfreton but you can’t come out that way, and no one seems to be entirely sure why.

At half six Newspaper Journalism student Laurie MacDonald said: ‘It’s been happening for a solid half hour. Whatever’s going on it’s taking ages.

“There’s a lot more emergency services present than a simple traffic accident but no one seems to know what’s going on.”


Chris Milner, first year English student said he’d driven past it earlier but had struggled to get through.

He said: ‘There are diversions everywhere.  Not entirely sure what’s going on but it was full of emergency services.”

alfreton 2

More details to follow.

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