Ocean-Devotion hits all-time high as hundreds queue up for Hoe’s last few tickets

Shirt-swinging faithful fill Portland since 5 am

Hundreds of Nottingham students have spent their mornings queuing for tickets for Friday’s last Ocean of the term.

With online tickets selling out in August, Ocean lovers have been forced into emerging from their Lenton holes as early as 5 AM.

Although the final Big-O is a notoriously popular shindig, this year’s crop of desperate finalists represents a previously unseen level of Ocean-Devotion.

3rd year Music student Mia Bekvalac was the first in the queue.

“5am. Fucking heroes,” she said. “I’m not ashamed. I’m proud.”

History student James Moore was equally defiant.

“I’d do it again for Ocean and I hope Andy Hoe hears that,” he said. “Long live Lord Hoe. I hope he brings David Hasselhoff again.”

Some, though, were not so chirpy. Molly Ashcroft, a Law student, said: “Look, this is embarrassing. I mean, the night is obviously going to be rammed and sweaty and massively overrated. But then again, it’s Ocean. It’s like an addiction.”

Rumours began circulating that there were FRESHERS at the front of the queue, although it must be stressed that such allegations are by no means confirmed at this point.

With a reported 200 tickets on sale only, it is likely that some will be left disappointed on this eventful morning.

More to follow.