As if they called that new bridge to QMC the ‘Ningbo Friendship Bridge’

This is terrible

The University of Nottingham this morning announced that the new bridge linking the uni to QMC will be called the ‘Ningbo Friendship Bridge’.

The name was supposedly given ‘in honour of the special relationship shared between Nottingham and Ningbo in China’, and is potentially the most boring, lame name they could have chosen.


They’ve said that this bridge will help raise Nottingham’s profile in China’s fast-growing economy, but the Chinese are hardly going to be impressed by this shameful sucking-up.

So, in light of our rage – and our Ocean hangovers – we’ve come up with a few names which would be far better than the ‘Ningbo Friendship Bridge’:

– The Walkway Of Hopes And Dreams

– The Stairway To Lessons

– The Green-and-Golden Gate Bridge

– The Hospital Pass (one for you sports lads out there)

– QMC-you-there

– Wayne Bridge

– Wayne ‘Bridgey’ Bridge

– Michael Bridges’s Injury Bridge

– The ‘Medicine-is-not-like-Scrubs-for-fucks-sake’ Bridge

– The Bridget Jones’s Diary Bridge

– The ‘Do-you-wanna-play-bridge’ Bridge

– The Overrated Kevin Bridges’s Overrated Bridge

– The ‘Under-The-Bridge-by-Red-Hot-Chilli-Peppers’ Bridge