10 things you find when moving out of a student house

Remember that old cone you brought home from a night out? Those onions you forgot about? They’re about to come back into your life

That time is here again. Leaving day is upon us. To make it a less sad occasion, we’ve delved into the world of studenty things and found 10 things you’ll most likely come across when packing up and saying goodbye to your house.

So take a look if you dare. Who knows, you might find worse anyway …

1. Mouldy Food

Still edible ... ?

No matter how hard you try and keep your fridge clean, there’s no doubt you’ll find some form of dirty food. Whether that’s the mouldy cucumber that even the Biology department wouldn’t be able to determine the species of or the potato that has grown its own potato family. Either way, there’s going to be some grim things lurking in cupboards/fridges so beware!

2. Pennies

oh bloody hell!!

The most useless of the monies and they are everywhere! For some reason they haunt most students, taunting our empty purses and when it comes to moving out, they pop up every which way and remind us that we’re still skint going into summer.

3. Dust Bunnies

Hello new master!

As students we can’t admit to being the cleanest people and when we do ‘tidy’ the house it’s a half-arsed job. So don’t be surprised when you lift a box of unread books and see your new pet, Reginald the dust bunny, lurking there.

4. ‘Momentos’ from Nights Out


We’ve all thought it was a great idea to keep  the random shit you find on a night out. Pitchers, traffic cones, mannequin torsos, you name it, students have got in their house. Well, moving out day is joyous in that it reunites you with your beloved momentos that are actually quite heart-wrenchingly difficult to part with.

5.  Unused Cleaning Products

aww .. poor little mr muscle

Your mum gave you a bottle of kitchen cleaner at the start of the year and told you it was really helpful to use to keep tidy. Finding it 9 months later with the seal still unbroken you open it and spray a million times so it looks like you’ve used it all year. Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all done it.

6. Empty Bottles


Because students are cheap and always looking on the economical upside, many empty water bottles will have collected on your windowsill because throwing them away would be “wasteful.” Yet they never get reused. WHY!?

7. The Hobby you tried to start

oww, it could've been so cool!

At the start of the year there’s never actually much to do with your time (other than lie in and watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air all day) so the keen few have been known to start a hobby. Little do they know that by moving day, they will be finding the remnants of sock puppets and photo albums under the bed after being stored away for when ‘you’re not busy with coursework’.

8. Freshers’ Fair Leaflets

So. Many. Fliers!

All those events you were going to go to. So many discounts you were going to get. So many Dominos leaflets! Everybody is guilty of the leaflet pile at the front of the door.

9. Glitter/Body Paint/Neon Stains up the wall

Oh the horror of the staining!!

If you’ve ever used neon paint you know what a bitch it is to get off your face. Moving out will teach you it’s even harder to get off the walls. Hot water and soap at the ready.

10. Your Dignity

before 2

After moving everything into the car, you take one look back at your house/flat and realise the amount of shit you’ve just found uncovers far too many repressed memories and proves that your dignity will reside in that residence forever more.