VOTE NOW: Best bums 2014 – the girls

The girls are here – who has the rear of the year?

You’ve voted on the boys’ taut tooshies. Now it is time for the girls. Who has the rear of year?

You’ve sent your bums in by the hundreds, but our expert selection panel have hand-picked the top contenders for Nottingham’s most coveted prize – scroll down to vote!

Please note that names have been changed to preserve the identities and dignities of our brave finalists.


Edith Cleft, 1st year Reptile Anatomy

ankles head

I love yoga and can cross my ankles behind my head

Jessica Applepine, 2nd year Castle Building and Moat Management

doesn't like pineapple (1)

I don’t even like pineapple

Erin Bottacelli, 3rd year Wedding Planning


I once appeared on MTV’s Catfish

Beatrice Deschamps, 3rd year Defence against the Dark Arts


I’m a twin…

Mercedes Bentley, 2nd year Lingeire Design and Social Media Studies

squat a man (1)

I can squat a fully grown man

Misty Stayru, 3rd year The art of hardening: Studies in Metapod

photo (15)

Misty has finally issued a restraining order on Brock and his giant onix

Martha Anusal, 4th year Accrington Stanley: Belief, hope and Shattered Dreams

vegetarian diet

This rear was made from a fully vegetarian diet

Lucinda Turnip, 1st year Photography Enlightenment

tim westwood (1)

I accidentally elbowed Tim Westwood in the stomach when trying to do up a jacket with a tough zip.