How to: Ball Fashion

We are all aware that it’s exam season, but on a positive note it’s also ball season. The Tab is here to help with all things “ball” fashion.

Whether it’s Grad Ball, the aptly named Cock-Soc ball or one for your course or society, it’s guaranteed to be a night to remember – probably for all the wrong reasons.

Champagne, wine, a shit 3-course meal the size of a fist, and then you’ll dance the night away.

“But first, what do I wear??”

A woman’s eternal struggle for the perfect outfit for that special occasion just got easier.

Tab Fashion has come to the rescue for all your ball outfit needs! You’re welcome.


With our help you too can look this happy and this good


Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a little black dress: it’s scientifically impossible.

Chose a sexier cut for you ball to spice things up and try to wear a material with a shine factor to it, to help you glow through the night.



You think of spring, you think of pastels.

Even though the weather may not inspire you to start dressing for warm weather yet, you shouldn’t let pastels get lost in the clouds.

Wear your pretty tones proud and it will be a brighter day for everyone. You can go head to toe pastels of different colours like Olivia (left) or pair one tone with black like Alice (right).



Ditch the dress for a skirt and top instead.

You will still look ball-tastic but you might find it easier mixing and matching different colours to arrive at a final look.

Use this to your advantage to create a two-toned look, and if you are bold enough to colorblock bold tones, go for it!


An alternative to a two toned look is a total white which will make you shine through dull colors – but for godsake get a spray tan first! we don’t want to blind the nice people!


Go Long

Wearing a gorgeous maxi dress will automatically make you feel more elegant and feminine.

Add that sexy factor to your dress by accentuating your features without overdoing it, just like Sofie (left) did in her amazing nude dress.

The subtle hint of lace at her waist makes the biggest difference. After all it’s the little things that count.

The sexy slit on Eve’s (right) dress is the perfect finish to her black dress. Once again the sheer lace adds that “something different” that makes this dress fabulous.



Defy the ball dress just like Cara Delevigne defied the Met Gala gown and rock a jumpsuit.

A simple black jumpsuit will accentuate your body in the best way and make people stare. Let them.

10257695_10152470987413856_3321277094579386330_n.jpg Alternatively you can opt for a more daring color and rock a white jumpsuit. Be careful not to let the white wash you out though, so work it into a monochrome look for the full effect. 10417624_10203554161272368_134470080080551904_n


If you are leaning toward the jumpsuit trend, you could always try the playsuit trend. Another way to defy the ball dress is by rocking an equally eye-catching playsuit and you are sure to look fabulous. Try sequins or beads to add that sparkle to your outfit and make you shine. DSC_0417

Simple and Sexy

Sometimes less is more. The simplest dress with the strongest sexy factor could be the best look. 10410365_10152179704203386_3932444419108688573_n

Tab Fashion hopes you look fabulous and have a great time at your ball.