Oopsies: UoN accidentally sends confidential info to thousands

Notts emails private details of job applicants to 4751 people in colossal cock-up

You know when you’re a Russell Group university and loads of people apply to work for you? And you know when you have all their application details in your system?

Do you know what you shouldn’t do? Accidentally send those details out to thousands of people.

Well, that’s what the University of Nottingham was getting up to while you were frolicking in the sun this weekend.

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Who wouldn’t want to work here?

Nottingham has issued “unreserved apologies” for the blunder, which saw them send applicants’ full names, gender, the position they had applied for and whether they were offered the job to over 4, 500 members of its beautiful job site.

They then followed it up by emailing everyone again, asking them to delete it “immediately.”

At times like this, when we’re bogged down with revision and fear, it’s perhaps encouraging to think that, no matter how bad it gets, it won’t be as bad as the moment when the person who sent that email realised what they had done. Horrific.

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Who would want to work here?

One of the victimised applicants told the BBC: “I am concerned about how they have treated my personal and confidential data and I’m shocked that a large organisation could allow this to happen.

“I am worried about my details getting into the wrong hands.”

The uni has said that it is carrying out an urgent investigation into the cock-up. Presumably, the investigation will reveal that it was in fact a cock-up.

That said, trolls managed to hack a Nottingham University Conservative Association Facebook page the other day… maybe internet saboteurs are behind this latest technological gaffe?