Things more depressing than summer revision

Don’t be blue, things could always be worse…

As you may have noticed, it’s really hot outside. Typical, the big week before all exams start and you’re stuck inside revising.

But instead of being depressed about this, we are here to show you that the glass is always half full. Face it, there are many things you could be doing that are much, much worse than revising!

So if you need a little revision pick me up, take a look at ten more depressing things to do than revise whilst it’s sunny …

1. Doing GCSEs

Snapchat from a Biology revision session

Poor small children. Now there’s been a change in how they assess GCSEs, Year 11s everywhere are  currently in the process of completing around 20 exams in two weeks.

At uni we are on average revising for three. Count yourselves lucky you have time to actually step outside into the sun every once in a while!

2. Work in a chip shop in the height of summer


Yep. Guilty. Being from a small village, there isn’t much work going, so I have spent the last three summers dishing out chips in the roasting heat in a smelly room with no air conditioning. Fun.

3. Bring salad to work and forget your fork


Couscous is not finger food.

4. Be a nun

Sneaky Nun Photo

Two words. Long Robe. Where’s the tan lines at ladies?

5. Being stuck outside in the snow

F.M.L Again

At least you’re inside in the warm. You could be freezing to death after getting locked out of the house in December.

6. Smash your phone/ laptop

Goodbye cruel world!

We’ve all be there at some point in life. Your one true love lets you down and either dies in your arms or falls to the ground without so much as a goodbye.

7. The plague

Accurate representation of 1348

Yeah, I said it. Life could definitely be worse!

8. Sit next to this guy after a binge eating session

want more? click here


9. Get knocked down when you’re already low

I get knocked down, and don't get back up again

Breakdancing competitions aren’t always the greatest idea but when you get kicked in the face it is just a step too far.

10. Make the most inappropriate joke at the party

not cool

You know when you think everyone is over that whole 9/11 thing and they’re not. Then people associate you with that joke forever.

So, unless any of these are you (UNLUCKY), don’t be blue! Optimism is key!