50% of UoN in bed with Farage

An exclusive poll of Nottingham students finds that over 110 would shag UKIP leader

A poll conducted on Notts students’ attitudes towards politicians has revealed that nearly half of you find Nigel Farage the most shaggable small party leader.

More than 250 UoN students responded to The Tab’s national politics survey and answered questions on a wide variety of issues including the EU, Weed and Gay Marriage.

According to the poll, only 6% of Nottingham students ‘couldn’t give a shit’ about national politics, with over half (57%) saying they regularly follow current affairs.

When quizzed on voting intention, the vast majority said they planned to vote in 2015, with over 85% of those surveyed saying they would, which is way above the 2010 national figure of 65%.

Unsurprisingly for our green and pleasant campus, the majority of Notts students would vote Tory if the election was held tomorrow, proving that, for all their controversy, NUCA are doing a decent job of canvassing the student vote. They edged out Labour by two votes.

voting intent

When asked about gay marriage, an overwhelming majority of you (89%) said that you believed in equal marriage rights for gays, which is bang in line with the national uni average – I guess rahs can be progressive too.

gay marriage

Notts’ edgy credentials shone through on the topic of weed, with over half of respondents saying they wanted full legalisation and a further 16% were ok with it being used medicinally.


On the topic of the power hungry fun killers at the NUS, one in four students thought they were bloody useless and nearly 100 have no idea what the hell they do. Only 20 said they’re happy with NUS representation, probably through mouthfuls of free student cheeseburgers.


Finally, on the only topic that really mattered, When asked to pick a small party leader to Shoot, Shag or Marry, UoN decided they’d bang eggy Nige, wed Scottish troublemaker Alex Salmond and shoot renowned fascist and leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin.

Whether its the baccy stained fingers or his devil may care attitude to the political classes, the UKIP leader’s charisma may not be winning the student vote, but he’s winning where it counts: in the bedroom.

shag farage