Notts student slams “appalling” teaching at Nottingham

Second-year student slates UoN in letter published in The Times

An Art History student has slammed the “appalling lack” of tuition at the University of Nottingham.

Talia Samuelson was critical of the “semi-intelligible” lectures and tutorials students pay £9,000 a year to sit through.

The second year student also lambasted the poor quality of teaching and short terms, claiming she has found herself missing her school teachers.

In a letter to The Times, she wrote: “The standard of teaching at my Russel Group university is unsatisfactory, but the appalling lack of it is also frustrating.

“The first term ran from October, with a mid-term “reading week”, to mid-December.

Proof that poor teaching standards are driving students to tears

Proof that poor teaching standards are driving students to tears

“Engaging, competent lecturers are equalled in number by unprepared, inarticulate academics,” the letter continues.

“I find myself doodling in the margin, missing my former school teachers and puzzling over £9,000 for four and a half months of semi-intelligible tuition (and a library card)? Pull the other one.”

Is this really worth £9k/year?

Is this really worth £9k/year?

Not all students agree with Talia, however. Third year student Emily Dixon is “happy with the amount of contact hours we get.”

“Even though we only have a few timetabled hours, we have the opportunity to see tutors when we feel we need extra help,” Emily said, also highlighting their helpfulness “especially around coursework deadlines and exams.”

University isn't all bad

University isn’t all bad

English student Henry Scott agrees that “there is plenty of teaching time if you are active and try to utilise it.

“The average student may question the amount of teaching time they get, but they will probably find they are missing lectures and seminars regularly and failing to attend tutor sessions or office hours.”

Talia may not realise how lucky she has it in Nottingham. Over at Exeter University, “the quality of lecturers has been very hit and miss,” says third year Surrey-on-Sea student Joe Harris.

Joe is gutted about his lack of contact hours

Joe is gutted about his lack of contact hours

“Considering what we’re paying, I think there should be more than the couple of office hours outside of lectures that we currently get,” continued Joe.

What do you think? Is UoN Nott too bad? Or is it descending into a putrid tumour of social rot in the heart of England? Have your say in the comments below.