Nasty Notts not so nice according to nationwide poll

City of Nottingham voted 8th worst place to live in the UK by online community

Nottingham residents have jumped to defend the fine city after it finished 8th in an online poll of the 10 worst places to live in Britain.

The city featured in the list on the ranking website, along with scummy heavyweights Croydon, Bradford and Hull.

The ranking was not based on statistical evidence, but rather how many people tweeted the @Chavtown twitter handle, leading some to question its validity.

One of Nottingham's spectacular vistas, clearly overlooked

One of Nottingham’s spectacular vistas, clearly overlooked

Proud Nottingham resident and second year student Jack said: “Having lived in the city for the last two years, I have never seen anything chavvy, other towns must just be jealous of our concrete towers and the beautiful Broadmarsh Centre.”

Obviously the poll failed to take into account the beautifully concrete QMC

Comments on the site were incredibly harsh, with one user slating the nightlife before complaining about the “alcohol abuse that is intrinsically woven into this tapestry of social cancer”  before brazenly stating that “Nottingham is rapidly becoming a putrid tumour of social rot in the heart of England.”

An example of one of Notts' great cultural institutions

An example of one of Notts’ great cultural institutions

Business owners have also leapt to the defence of this proud city, with the owner of Hartley’s cafe in Hockley, Dawn Hartley, telling the Nottingham Post:

“I am really passionate about Hockley and the Lace Market. It is a wonderful place full of unique businesses that all look after and support each other,” she said.

“It is only a stone’s throw from the city centre but it feels like a little village, it has a great community feel to it.”

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