A-List super-celeb Rick Edwards thrown out of Rock City

Rick-rolled out of town after angering Rock City bouncers by putting a man on his shoulders

Former T4 presenter and current Made in Chelsea wind-up merchant Rick Edwards was thrown out of Nottingham’s Rock City this week.

The Rock City bouncers didn’t display their usual sense of humour after spotting the 34-year-old carrying a young Asian man on his shoulders and, following a quick scuffle, they were able to remove him from the building, according to Sick Chirpse.

The 34-year-old former Cambridge student is in Nottingham filming for his new show Free Speech, and clearly couldn’t resist the allure of one of the city’s finest establishments.

rick1 rick2 rick3

All-round great guy Rick was happily posing for pictures with awestruck clubbers, before hoisting one lucky fan up onto his shoulders and giving him a cracking view of the dancefloor.

This was clearly a breach of Rock City’s famously flexible dancefloor policy, and our hero was quickly accosted by four bouncers. After being told to remove the man from his shoulders, “Redwards” was then escorted from the premises.

There are unconfirmed rumours that he tried the “do you know who I am?” trick, but it didn’t work. The bouncers are probably fed up of hearing that from self-important society presidents and part-time SU Officers, so you can’t really blame them.

We’ve approached Rick for comment, but he hasn’t replied yet.

Look mate

Look mate

Have you ever spotted a cool celeb in Nottingham? Has Stuart Broad hit on you in Coco Tang, or Jake Bugg bought you a drink in Gatecrasher? Maybe Andy Reid offered you a chip from his Happy Meal? Let us know.

UPDATE: Our new best friend Rick Edwards replied to us:

rick replied