Campus Trends: Bags

We’ve rounded up the most popular bags on campus. What does your bag say about you?

You are getting ready for uni, outfit on, but what bag do you take?

If you are an eager fashionista you know that even a bag full of books (or pretending to be) should be styled right to fit your outfit of the day. You want to make the right choice so you don’t look too nerdy or way ‘too stylish’ for uni, but if you manage to find the right bag you can do both at the same time.

The Tab’s got all the different types of bags students wear to uni.

What does your bag say about YOU?


If you prefer to style your outfit with a boring backpack you put studies over style. Yes sure it makes everything easier to carry back and forth to Hallward, but so much of your outfit is lost when you turn.

However, choose a backpack with some flair and you’ve got your style back. A crazy pattern or edgy colour can enhance your outfit by a milestone.

photo 4

The Designer Bag

It’s pretty, it’s perfect and somehow you will make everything fit into that small Chanel bag – because you wouldn’t want to get caught in anything other than a designer brand.


Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

You are an environmentalist! Or you had no idea these totes started out by being made mostly of recycled items and are following a trend.

Duplicates that are not eco-friendly have been popping up everywhere and are being used as a fashion statement.

photo (3)


You obviously only care about style, so you are ok with a purse, which will only have enough space for your bus fare back home and maybe a pen to sign the attendance sheet.

Congratulations you passed the style test but be careful with your ACTUAL exams.

photo 5 (1) (1)


You take your studies as seriously as you do your style.

A large enough purse can hold all you need for uni, while still keeping your outfit looking as hot as it intended too.


Cross-body Bag

This bag shows that you are both stylish but also care about your studies.

It combines a backpack and a purse in one, so it is fashionable as a purse but has all the spacial qualities of a backpack.

photo 2