Mushy Pea Rainbow backed by new campaign

Locals launch campaign to name A52 bridge

A campaign is circling on Facebook petitioning for the A52 tramway bridge to be renamed as ‘The Mushy Pea Rainbow’.

The bridge, which connects the QMC with Uni Park Campus, will make transport between the University and the City Centre easy peasy.


At The Tab, we are fond of silliness and fully support the intended rebrand of the currently nameless bridge. This bridge deserves to have a title, and its likeness to a rainbow made of mushy peas is clearly uncanny. If only because it is green at night.

The Facebook page currently boasts no fewer than 65 supporters and has had support from The Nottingham Post – but backing from The Tab is exactly what this campaign needs to receive the green light.

Rumours of renaming Mooch as Curry Sauce Corner and Wollaton Park as Gravy Gardens are unfounded, but inevitable.

Here’s how the mushy pea bridge came into being :