Reasons to date a joint honours student

Because two is always better than one.

The dating scene at university is a particularly tough one.

With all these like-minded beauties throwing themselves at you after one too many vodkas, it can be hard to know who the lucky recipient of your luscious lips should be.

Fortunately for you, The Tab are here to help and to tell you why a joint honours student is basically the only type of person worth dating.

1. Time management

You think juggling one degree is hard? Try two!

You know how every department put all the deadlines in the same week? Try doubling that!

Because of this, joint honours students are experts at time management, meaning that we will be able to manage quality time  without being stuck to you like glue.


Nice romantic picnic and revision rolled into one

2. Multi-talented

You can write an essay on Shakespeare’s sonnets AND be revising the causes of World War II?

Excuse me whilst I drop my pants.

Our vast plethora of skills can also be seen in the bedroom, am-I-rite.

Cutting to the chase

Cutting to the chase

3. We’re interesting

The more subjects studied, the more interesting the individual. Obviously.

Why listen to someone jabbering on about the same old subject when you can have someone that can drop multiple knowledge bombs on you over dinner?

There’ll never be awkward silences with us – we’re far too goddamn fascinating for that.


Look how many interests we have

4. Did someone say BNOC?

We have two friendship circles so must be more popular – it’s science.

Don’t pretend you don’t want to be seen dating that person everyone knows.

When someone says, ‘Oh yeah, I know your girlfriend,’  = satisfaction akin to dating a celebrity.

Surrounded by friends. And shoddy photographers

Surrounded by friends. And shoddy photographers

5. Career prospects

If you’re in it for the long haul, having someone that’s doubly employable is obviously a bonus as they’ll be able to buy you twice as many presents.

Joint honours students can apply for jobs in a variety of sectors, which you definitely can’t do as a single honours student.

Plus as we’ve already established, we’re BNOCs and it’s not really about what you know but who you know anyway.

Where we like to hang

Where we like to hang

6. Multi-tasking

Not to be confused with the entirely different and not at all related multi-talented or time management.

We can do TWO things at ONCE.

Just let that sink in for a minute, have a sit down if you need to.

Being able to do two things at once means we know how to make full use of both hands, meaning we can be typing an essay whilst also pleasing you….with our brilliant conversation on the phone.


Play a game and listen to a lecture? Challenge accepted

7. Mad organisational skills

It’s not easy juggling two subjects – we’ve been known to have a whole 12 hours contact time a week.

This has trained us to be super organised and can plan some ridiculous dates.

Annie’s Burger Shack will be looking like Mooch once you’ve seen what we can do.


See? So organised