Notts in GIFs: Made in Chelsea/Game of Thrones special

Game of Thrones AND Made in Chelsea back on our screens in the same week?! This is too much

Easter holidays are nearly here!

There’s going to be plenty of alcohol


And awkward conversations with distant family members


But don’t forget that dissertation

brave face

And exams


You can’t let anyone get in your way

louisa push lol

You must be ruthless in your hunt for library books

no mercy

What if someone took the last copy of the one book you need?

fucking mental

And Moodle crashed before you could download your revision notes?

get out of here

Someone just told you that Hallward isn’t open 24/7 in the holidays


And that your exams will be three hours long

burn in hell

At least you’re totally ready. You don’t even need to revise

nail exams 1

nail exams 2

And you borrowed some great notes from your friend. They must be perfect

cock off

But then you finally find a past paper, and see the first question


And realise that you will be getting a 2:2 after all

fuck me

There’s always that one friend who tells you how much they have revised


Oh well, it’ll all be over soon!

when you actually hand it in

And you’ll have time to repair some broken relationships

bad hair shiny face

And party really fucking hard

my body is ready

But don’t get TOO excited

last ocean

It just ends badly. For everyone.

specner sex

And ruins everything you have worked so hard to fix

fucked a friend

But, then again… when the booze is flowing, curiosity isn’t the only thing which is aroused

dick size

Before you know it, it will be happening

up and down

Instant regret.

who have you slept with now