More mealworms in your warm meals: Cav cooks bugger up AGAIN

Creatures found in hall dinners for the third time this year

Cavendish Hall canteen have served up insects to their residents for the third time this year.

On Thursday night, pictures of a winged insect crushed into a Hall meal began to be spread around Cavendish residents. The Tab has also learnt that a mealworm was found in some salad earlier this year in addition to the live snail spotted in December.


Grub’s up!

JCR President Ben Orchard said Cavendish students were right to be angry.

He added: “The fact that this has happened once is bad, but three times is absolutely inexcusable. Let’s not forget that we’re paying customers; if we were in a restaurant we’d be refusing to pay, and rightly so. The catering services need to act swiftly – our residents are rightly angered and disgusted.”

The University are yet to comment.

Worming its way into Halls dinner

Hall residents are shocked by the findings, with some trying to determine what the mysterious creature was:


This incident follows December’s Cav canteen debacle. A photo of a mealworm in sweetcorn and a snail was found in some rocket leaves served up in hall dinners.

Alex Day, the first-year Politics student who found the snail, said: “I was heading through the canteen getting my evening meal and after being served the rest of my meal I helped myself to some rocket leaves and tomatoes from the salad bar.

“As I was finishing my meal, I was loading up some of the remaining rocket leaves onto my fork and I noticed a brown thing moving across one of the leaves.

“After the initial ‘what the fuck?’ reaction, I noticed that it was a live snail that had ended up in the rocket. Halls food has never been amazing but I wasn’t expecting to be served a live snail. It’s pretty appalling to be honest, I eat in that canteen every evening and I don’t feel that I can trust university food any more.”

December's snail and mealworm

December’s snail and mealworm

Following the incident in December, Catering Operations Director Jonathan Hamblett said:

“This contamination is both very unusual and entirely unacceptable and the matter has already been passed to our commercial team to investigate as a formal complaint.

“We offer our sincere apologies to the student who made this unpleasant discovery and we are carefully examining all the facts to ensure the matter is resolved.

“I am unaware of any further contamination-related complaints regarding the food served at Cavendish Hall but anyone with any concerns should speak to catering staff in the first instance or email us via [email protected].”



A spokesperson for Estates and Hospitality at The University of Nottingham said: “This incident has been thoroughly investigated and a pest control specialist has confirmed that there is no physical evidence that the item discovered in the lasagne is insect-related and that it is more likely vegetable in origin.

“A recent thorough inspection of the kitchen preparation area in the hall of residence found no concerning signs of cross contamination. We are proud of the quality of the meals produced in our halls of residence and are satisfied that this matter has now been resolved in such a positive way.”