The six shades of Philosophy students

The Philosophy student is a curious creature…

You may have thought  that you have seen everyone and done everything at university. You have seen the ‘nerdy’ physicists, the ‘hard-working’ lawyers and the Chemical Engineering student with a superiority complex. However, there is perhaps one stereotype that is less well known: the Philosophy student.

The Stoner

The stoner is a curious creature. Often looking dishevelled and rarely found in lectures, the Stoner finds harmony in a cheeky zoot and talking intermittently about the nature of reality whilst inhaling those ‘THC vibes’. Post-smoke, his speciality is metaphysics. I mean, like, what is life?

Such illicit behaviour

The Indie Student

Vintage clothing, check. Hair band, check. This student arrives looking as though he has just stepped out of the TARDIS, with his clothing belonging to a different planet. The indie student relishes that Philosophy is such an alternative degree and makes a big effort to fully pair his alternative thoughts with his alternative look.

Any attempt at a pony-tail should be applauded. Well done son.

The Questioner

With every degree comes students who frankly are desperate to get ‘one up’. The questioner can be found both in the online and offline world – furiously posting in the philosophy forum whilst simultaneously badgering the lecturer.

The ‘questioner’ doesn’t seek popularity, but trades irritating other students for the pure ecstasy of reminding the lecturer that question 4a really should have a comma.

I don’t think you’re right, sir

The average guy

Mr Average turns up to his fair share of lectures. The ‘average guy’ dresses non-disciminantly, drinks five pints on a night out before going to Oceana and getting a curry.

This is not to say Mr Average doesn’t hold longer-term aspirations, though. He entertains the possibility of completing his degree, getting a 2:1 and then continuing to endorse being average.


42. Not bad, not bad.

The part-timer

Whilst technically enrolled as a full-time student, the part-timer has an unwritten rule: ‘unless it’s logic, the moodle slides are good enough’.


Part-time student, part-time FIFA legend.

Mr Philosophy

There is no form of logic too hard and no thought too abstract. When Mr. Philosophy answers a question, eyebrows are raised, nervous glances exchanged and words to the effect of ‘how does he know that’? whispered. He shy’s from the limelight, yet during an in-class test find himself being surprisingly popular.


More of a work hard… work hard kind of guy.