Customs at New Theatre

Customs is a play written by Logan Wamsley, a student at the University of Nottingham.

Alternately darkly humorous, sweetly tender, emotionally moving and unsettlingly disturbing, the cast was given a fine script to work from.

The plot revolves around four people, two men and two women, waiting in line at what appears to be an airport boarding gate.

This is the afterlife and the characters are waiting to see whether they are destined for heaven or hell. They are confronted with the realities of their own lives and the uncertainties of death.

Fringe season continues

Truly sublime moments but the play was inconsistent

There were some truly sublime moments, particularly coming from Alice Ratcliffe as Paula, an older Catholic woman. Alice took Paula from an initially unsympathetic character to one whom induced the greatest pity.

However as this performance was so good it emphasised the poorer moments in the play.

Caroline’s (Jessica Prew) revelation, which was probably intended to be shocking, failed to affect me in any way.

Fringe season at New Theatre

Fringe season at New Theatre

In terms of pacing the play was also patchy. Some parts were fully absorbing – the rapport between the characters of Richie and Elodie was extremely believable and watchable, yet other parts seemed to drag on needlessly.

Overall, despite these inconsistencies, the play was interesting and that is the most important thing about theatre.

As a piece of student written theatre, it was impressive. Deftly written and generally ably performed, this was a piece that was compelling and thought provoking but ultimately let down by flaws.