Beauty DOs and DON’Ts

A guide that all girls should follow, The Tab brings you the do’s and dont’s when it comes to beauty.


Make-up is the ultimate weapon in any girl’s wardrobe. It can transform you from a hungover mess with bloodshot eyes and blotchy skin to a luminous socialite ready to take on Nottingham’s night life.

However, some of us are still unaware of the little tricks that can transform any look or the sacrilege mistakes which you’ve convinced yourself look halfway decent.

The Tab brings you all the Dos and Don’ts of campus beauty that ensure you look your best from lectures to the nightclub.

DO: Look brighter with lighter

For days when you have a lecture so early that your eyes haven’t fully opened yet or if you really want them to pop on a night out, try placing a small amount of either light silver or gold eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye.

It brightens up the whole eye and is a clever trick for making them appear bigger.

Cara Dela – Don’t

Now the thick eyebrow trend should be a blessing for us girls as we don’t have to experience the excruciating pain of plucking or waxing as often.

Unfortunately some ladies have taken this look to the extreme and have decided to fill them in to such an extent that their eyebrows now take up half their forehead.

Whilst Cara is the ultimate girl crush, she is a one-off beauty and some of us need to put down the eyebrow pencil and walk away. Please.

Maybe if I pull a duckface it will distract people from my ginormous eyebrows?

Do: Look Finer with Liner

Black eyeliner is a staple in any girl’s make up bag. However some us can get heavy handed and start resembling Marilyn Manson.

Experiment with other colours such as dark grey or brown for a lighter day look.

Put the eyeliner down Avril..

White is NOT alright

Now we can all be forgiven for our foundation sometimes making it ways on to our lips when blending. In theory the next step should always be to remove the foundation and continue on with the make-up routine.

However, we all know that one girl that wears her foundation as lipstick as it ‘highlights my lips’.

No. You’re tacky and I hate you.

Pouting really highlights my white lips

Kim “so not” OK

It is a known fact that the Kardashian sisters emulate the perfect contouring, with sculptured cheek bones and slender noses.

Whilst this make-up trend is the perfect way to create cheek bones, it is easy to go a little crazy, especially in the day time when that level of blush should be banned.

Girls, put down the brushes and step away from the bronzing powder – enough is enough!

Do my cheeks resemble Kim’s yet?

Less IS More

A full face of make-up can be like a shield against the harsh light of day, yet perhaps is a little OTT for campus style.

The Tab has already reported that guys prefer girls with less make-up – and if the recent #nomakeupselfie trend is anything to go by, we should all take note that less make-up is often the best kind of make-up.

Easy there.. it’s only a 9am lecture.