BREAKING: Police swarm to suspected burglary in Lenton

There’s been a huge police presence in Lenton this evening as they rushed to detain a suspected burglar.


At 8pm  this evening (March 28) police rushed to roads just off Lenton Boulevard to detain a suspected burglar spotted in the area.

Witnesses reported the assailant was peering into the windows of one of the houses.  Police commented that he was either a voyeur or burglar, but suspected that he had been looking to burgle one of the houses in the area.

Someone living in one of the targeted houses commented that the experience was “horrible” and is concerned about their safety.

Police checking inside houses

Police checking inside houses

A witness living on the road in their second-year at university commented: “I saw a hooded fellow running to a passage just across from my house, he jumped the back gate and a policewoman chased down after him.

“It’s not the first time this has happened.  We had a lot of police in the area about two months ago looking for someone as well.”

Evidence was collected from the back garden of one of the houses in two bags, a witness commented that it looked like a crowbar was in one bag but was unsure as to what was collected in the other.

Witnesses also overheard police stating that the man had pushed a police officer who had tried to detain him. According to a police source, the man has been arrested and is being held in custody at Bridewell Station in the Nottinghamshire area.

Police checked the targeted houses for damage but were unable to find any evidence suggesting that the man had tried to break in to one of the houses.


Policemen stayed to patrol the area after the arrest

Another student who witnessed the event said: “I saw at least ten policemen spread out over the street, at one point there were even four policemen in a back garden and police cars everywhere. They were obviously very concerned with what was going on as it took about 10-15minutes for them to come to our front door and ask if we had seen anything.

“It seemed like a pretty serious ordeal and I was really alarmed by the severity of the situation. Although my car has been broken into twice this semester, so it shouldn’t really be that surprising.”

Another student stated: “Firstly we were in the kitchen making a cup of tea and next we know there were police swarming the garden with flashlights. We went up to my room and saw the police running from garden to garden frantically and on the street opposite we could see police cars racing up and down.’”