Off with her hair!

Second Year Notts Student Jo Kelen shaves off her hair for charity

In Portland Hairdressers this afternoon, second year Classics student Jo Kelen had her head shaved in order to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind.




Kelen was as calm and collected as she was at her interview earlier this week but as 4pm loomed nearer nerves were starting to show.

“I’ve been mentally preparing myself all week but now the time is here I know there’s no going back!” said the anxious Notts student as she waited outside the hairdressers.

Kelen was surrounded by friends who had come to support her brave charitable act and film coverage was carried out by NUTS.

The hairdressers could not fit all of Jo’s supporters so they waited outside, anticipating her new look.

Goodbye ponytail

Goodbye ponytail

As she was being shaved, Kelen called the experience ‘therapeutic.’


Hair today, gone tomorrow

The whole process to less than 10 minutes for speedy DJ’s who gave the shave to Kelen for free in support of Mind.

I can be your hairo baby...

I can be your hairo baby…

Reactions of Jo’s new look to her friends were mixtures of shock and delight.

“It really suits her, I think it might may be a look she’ll keep permanently!” said a close friend of Kelen’s.

Things get hairy

Things get hairy

Speaking of her experience Jo told The Tab: “It was surreal watching all  my hair slowly disappear, it felt quite nice and relaxing until they got the front bit and I could see the damage. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would though, I just can’t stop touching it!

“Thank you to The Tab, NUTS and everyone who has supported me though this, I couldn’t have done it with you!”

Through her JustGiving page, Jo has raised over £450 so far for Mind.

Mind is a charity close to Jo's heart

Mind is a charity close to Jo’s heart

The Tab thinks Jo looks great! If you’d like to support Jo then please donate to her Just Giving page



Credit to NUTS for the video!