Career in beer at the Brewniversity of Nottingham

Notts offers new degree in Brewing Science

Are you a strong supporter of stout or scrumpy? An avid ale or amber aficionado? Or just rah-ther partial to LASHings of ginger beer?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Nottingham’s new degree programme could be for you.

The Brewniversity of Nottingham has draughted new plans to introduce an MSc in Brewing Science and Practice.

And this class, is where we cook the meth

And this, class, is where we cook the meth

The one year Coors will allow graduates of the current Brewing Science degree to understand the industry on a lager scale. It comes as a response to large numbers of undergraduates, who are casking for a bitter grasp on the brewing process as a whole.

A short journey on the hop-per bus takes you to Sutton Bonington campus, the home of Nottingham University’s Stella brewing facilities.

from Sutton Bonington to Sutton Boddington's

From Sutton Bonington to Sutton Boddington’s

Here students will discover how to turn grain to pint, turn a profit and give the perfect head. Availability is capped at a pint-sized 15  students though, with only 1st class keg-sperts being accepted.

ran out of beer, better drink my own piss

Ran out of beer, better drink my own piss

Some see a degree in this field as against the grain, but the average starting salary for a Brew sciences graduate is over £23k, and an MSc from the Yeast Midlands’ most prestigious Uni has the potential to make you the next Deborah Mead-en.