Varsity latest: UoN let two-point lead slip, unofficial victories restore pride

Back-to-back victories drag Poly back into contention

University of Nottingham spunked away a two-point lead following defeats in netball and table tennis, despite an emphatic swimming win.

Following a titanic 143-77 victory in the pool that dampened Trent’s chances of a comeback, things were going swimmingly for Uni last Wednesday.

NTU started the contest with a splash, diving into an early lead after the first set of heats, but their hopes were soon sent spiralling down the drain as Notts wrestled back control.

The landslide victory took UoN into unchartered waters, doubling their lead to make the score 4-2 in the 10th Annual Official Varsity Series.

Causing a splash

The UoN swim team making waves

UoN had no such luck in overcoming a strong Trent ping-pong outfit on Friday night. With a team full of internationals, NTU sent Notts up shit creek without a paddle, eventually coming out 4-2 victors.

NTU's internationals put UoN in a spin. Photograph: James Judge

NTU’s internationals put UoN in a spin

Trent managed to make it two wins on the bounce later that evening, beating Uni of 37-23 in the netball. Disappointingly few dribbles or any sort of running with the ball in hand compounded to cap off a wretched evening for UoN.

There's always one clown with flashy trainers

There’s always one clown with flashy trainers

Some pride was salvaged yesterday at the University Park Sports Centre, though, with Notts taking a clean sweep in the unofficial indoor Varsity championships.

The day started in classic “Your dad works for my dad” fashion as Trent failed to get a team out for the futsal (don’t worry lads, it was only scheduled two weeks ago and it must be really tricky finding five players).

Things didn’t get much better for our academically challenged neighbours, as both of UoN’s men’s and women’s teams dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged their way to triumphant 8-7 and 9-1 wins respectively.

Honestly the best photo I could find on Twitter, can you believe it?

Honestly the best photo I could find on Twitter, can you believe it?

Their misery was compounded as both Uni volleyball teams managed to dig deep and spike a dagger through the heart of Trent, the men’s team winning 3-0 and the women’s 3-2.

At least we won in the proper sports

At least we won the proper sports

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