Nott a pretty sight

Vast majority of Nottingham citizens depressed by view

A new survey has found that 82% of Nottingham residents are depressed by the view from their window.

The survey, conducted by, reaffirmed the views of many that see Nottingham as a grey and unpleasant land.

too tragic even for instagram

Too tragic even for Instagram

It’s no secret that the Nottingham skyline isn’t the most inspiring in the world, but some people think 82% is still high.

“It all looks a bit grim really, but you’d have thought the locals would be used to it,” said Ben, a second year business student.

Thankfully, one of Lenton’s eyesores was demolished late last year:

With the high rah population at UoN and not a single rolling hill in sight, it comes as no surprise to discover that many students find the Notts skyline depressing, too.

In the same survey, over half said they’d like to wake up to views of Edinburgh, while no one  in Nottingham would rather look out over Manchester.

Even if the rest of the city goes to shit, at least we'll always have Uni Park

Even if the rest of the city goes to shit, at least we’ll always have Uni Park