Behind the Scenes of Phantom of the Opera

The Tab went to one of Musicality’s final rehearsals for Phantom of the Opera.

It’s not all jazz hands and cheese in this year’s production of one of the most iconic West End musicals.


Is Andrew Lloyd Webber going to be proud?

Phantom of the Opera is all about a love triangle between the beautiful Christine (Lizzie Jerjian), the Phantom (Simon Kale) and Raoul (Andi Bond). The Phantom is the mysterious figure who lurks around the Parisian opera house, teaching Christine to sing and looked after her since her father died. Raoul is her aristocrat childhood sweetheart.

Who will she choose? Well there’s certainly plenty of pent up love angst and all the drama for some absolutely cracking songs.


The love triangle  that causes all the problems: Andi, Lizzie and Simon

Alex McIntyre, a second-year Law student, is directing the show: “Phantom has long been a passion of mine and I am so excited that I have been able to direct it with such a genuinely brilliant team.”

The cast have been rehearsing since October, giving up their weekends to relentlessly rehearse and put their degrees on the line.

Musicality isn’t just music students and Alex believes that is why Musicality works, “It brings people together who are genuinely passionate about musical theatre, not just people who are good. Being excited for a 9am Saturday rehearsal is hard if you’re not doing something you enjoy.”

There's an 18 strong orchestra too

There’s an 18 strong orchestra too

So much time and dedication must mean it’s going to be good. Andy who is playing Roaul certainly thinks so, “It’s not what you expect from a university production, it’s very, I’m going to say, professional.”

You’re going to have to go and see it to believe it.

The show will be at the Nottingham Arts Theatre from Wednesday until Saturday.

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