Reasons to Date an English Student

It may look like all we do is write about dead people, but we have a romantic side too… and you can Shake my Speare any day of the week.

Looking for love but just don’t know where it could be? Forget all else, the English Department is the only place you should be searching!

While it may look like all we do is read and write about dead people, there’s a lot you may not know about the romantic side of us English students.

The Tab will take you into the hidden (or not so much) depths of why you should date a literature lover…

1. Very Few Contact Hours

What it says on the tin. We have about 10-12 contact hours a week (max) and so all of our time can be spent curled up on the sofa with you reading (or most likely pretending to read)

We will come running at your beck and call because we probably won’t have a lecture and have already Sparknoted the book for our seminar in the morning anyway.

Morning gorgeoussss

Morning gorgeous

2. Chat Up Lines

‘If I said you had a beautiful narrative form, would you hold it against me?’

We English students have learnt a thing or two from the masters of words after spending so much time reading and that corker was just a sample. Brace yourself for more loving cheese …

'The only way to get ride of temptation is to yield it' - Oscar Wilde

‘The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield it’ – Oscar Wilde

3. Stamina

On average, the English student is set a deadline of 9,000 words when coursework season is in the air. That means a lot of late nights powering through millions of secondary sources which means we have proven ourselves to be able to stay up all night.

Just saying. 

5am and still going strong ;)

5am and still going strong

4. Intellectual Conversation

Did you know that English as a subject branches out into all sorts of other subjects?

Go on a date with one of us and you’ll soon learn we are a fountain of knowledge on all things historical, geographical, social. Our conversation limits are endless.

oh yes, I do believe the syphilis Byron had may have affected his work

“Oh yes, I do believe the syphilis Byron had may have affected his work.”

5. Read Hard, Party Harder

After finishing ‘Ulysses’ it is often that you will find us hitting Ocean, letting off steam, and generally being the life and soul of the party.

We need to burn off the calories gained from the reading munchies somehow and we think the best way is to dance!

blowing off steam ...

Grooving to the onomatopoeia and iambic pentameters.

6. On-Hand Editor

The perks of having an English student as a significant other means we would rather give extra hours editing your essays than date someone who is marked down for incomprehensibility.

Ergo, you have bagged yourself both a caring and useful partner.

so. many. changes.


7. Romantic Notions and Spontaneous Outings

After reading the greatest love stories of all time and studying works which make you fall in love, it is obvious that we will have some outrageous notions about love and all things romantic.

Therefore you will most likely be showered in poems and taken to places which could feature in an Austen novel – all just because we want to show you we care (and secretly want to live the idyllic life).

midnight London stroll anyone?

Midnight London stroll, a casual Thursday night.