We did it! UK voting record broken after Tab hype

We did it! Tab hype brings about NATIONAL voting record

Your new SU president is Harry Copson.

The UK voting record in an SU election has been broken today after 11, 501 Notts students voted.

There were a total of 9,255 votes for the seven candidates with seven rounds of counting.

The news comes amidst huge debate and hype over The Tab’s role in it, so it makes sense to claim the credit for the record-breaking day.

You’re welcome, Nottingham.

Of course, big congratulations should go to our new President Harry Copson.

He has clearly run a cracking campaign and we wish him all the best in the role, as long as he doesn’t ignore us or ban charity events or anything like that.

The Tab has done a lot of great things for this University, from our excellent gym guide to finding pootopia, but helping you guys win this record has got to be peak of our short lives. We can’t thank you all enough.