The Notts Bullman is back!

“Why get it from the cow when you can get it from the bull” – the Notts Bullman is back, everyone…

This week the Notts Bullman, everyone’s favourite early-morning energy drink supplier, was back in town.

In the afternoons, the Bullman travelled around Lenton in his legendary van, delivering envelopes to student houses.


Students found fold-up crates in the envelopes and were encouraged to write a charming story or tell a joke for the bleary-eyed Bullman as he made his way through his morning round.

All week, he will pottered down the streets of Lenton from 5:45 to 6:45, filling up these crates left on student doorsteps and laughing at the ridiculous stories and jokes left for him.

Some lucky students even received ‘Golden Tickets’ in their crates, which guaranteed them free entry to Market Bar for last night’s ‘Twisted Hearts’ night.


Some of the best notes left by students include:

“Worried I might fall with only one wing… 4 cans between 8 of us is only half the fun.”

“Dear Red Bull representative, thank you so much for the last delivery of your divine product, we used them as mixer and got tres pissed. Please bring us more of your fizzy goodness. Kindest regards, ** Bute xxxxxx”

“If Red Bull gave me Wiiings I’d fly straight to you 😉 xo”

“I need you so, ‘Take these broken wings, And learn to fly again, learn to live so free.'”