Alternative ways to decide on the SU Elections

Some creative, interrogative and even violent alternatives to voting in the SU Elections

Tired of reading manifestos and the endless hassling all over campus?

Want to subject SU candidates to more adventurous and even perilous methods of campaigning?

We offer you some of the more extreme alternatives to voting in this years Student Union elections.

The Great SU Bake-Off:

Nothing screams ‘ultimate Presidential candidate’ like someone with the ability to whip up a meringue like Mary Berry and knead dough like Paul Hollywood.

From the winning candidate we’re looking for a nice even bake, lashings of cream and definitely NO SOGGY BOTTOMS!

You can't fool the Berry

The Berry does not approve of your half-arsed policies…

Not so much soggy, more disintegrated bottom...

… or your soggy- nay- disintegrated bottom


The true test of mental and physical agility and a way of getting the candidates up close and personal with each other:

A way to get one over (and under) follow candidates

A way to get one over (and under) on fellow candidates

Pre-drinks playlist party test

Who gives a shit how well-thought out your manifesto is? We want our SU Exec to know how to have a good time.

Candidates will be given 10 minutes to give us a flavour of how a night out with them might start.


Sports day:

Events will include the egg-and-spoon race, sack race, 3-legged race… You know, all the really physically demanding stuff.

Eggstreme sports

Eggstreme sports

Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Someone who can balance a ball on their head and twirl a ribbon must surely have the sass to win an SU Election?

Give us a twirl

Give us a twirl

The Mooch Terminator Challenge:

A challenge that requires endless preparation, immense physicality and an iron stomach.

For any worthy candidate this should be a piece of cake… or a multi layered burger.

Strip poker:

A game that combines logic with a loss of dignity.

The winning candidate would be the only one left clothed respectfully enough to give their acceptance speech…


Off with the clothes, off with the policies

An interview with TV’s finest interrogators:

Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of Alan Sugar’s ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’ or Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight interrogations?

We suggest leaving Presidential probing to the very best and see how candidates sweat it out under pressure…


The most terrifying panel


Or, how about something a bit more brutal: remember that 90’s TV show where scary, Adonis-like guys and gals basically beat the crap out of each other?

Yeah, give us that. We want podiums, we want leotards, we want tears.


Gladiators READY!!