Campus Style Turns Red

SU presidential candidate Katie Williams was our poison of choice this week. One more day to vote!

Red has made the pages of a Campus Style many times, but now it’s hit in a whole new way.

We spotted student’s across campus rocking the DIY t-shirt sensation of one of the SU presidential candidates, Katie Williams.

Charlie keeps his signature style by letting his plaid shirt creep through the shirt. The hint of red stripes complements the shirt.


Charlie Harris

Sara tucks the shirt into her black skirt.

Through the total black outfit, the red makes a big statement.


Sara Martinez

Blue jeans, red shirt.

Charles keeps it simple.


Charles Waddington

Eleni layer’s up in a vintage jean shirt, still letting the shirt shine.


Eleni Mitzali

Blue jeans, red shirt take 2!

This time Loic pairs the shirt with black sneakers.


Loic Delnatte

Jason wears the shirt with black jeans, letting the shirt do the talking.


Jason Sayer

 The end is nigh… get voting everyone!