Raleigh dark after power cut

Suspected gas leak leaves Raleigh residents without power

Raleigh park residents suffered a power cut this morning after a gas leak caused emergency services to cordon off Faraday Road.

According to a statement released by Raleigh Park Management: “A gas leak at the entrance to Sillitoe Court car park resulted in a small eruption in the road”.

The disturbance to the gas line in turn caused power to be knocked out for the vast majority of Raleigh residents at around 7:30 am. Power was eventually restored to all accommodation as engineers began work to repair the broken gas pipe.

Photo 12-03-2014 11 34 29

Emergency services were swiftly called to the scene and set up a cordon at around 8am. Workmen are currently on site excavating the road.

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The damage  was not limited to Raleigh, though, and students in neighbouring hall Manor Villages were also affected. One Manor resident told The Tab that her water has been shut off whilst investigations are ongoing.

This is not the first time emergency services have been called to Faraday road, earlier this year a kitchen fire at Manor Villages caused an evacuation of an entire block whilst fire-fighters dealt with the blaze.