Notts students join global hunt for missing plane

Students from Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus search for missing flight

Geography students from UoN’s Malaysia Campus are set to join the search for a missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

Nottingham University’s Dr Thuy Vu, a geospatial scientist, has asked students to join him in scouring satellite images for any sign of the plane, such as debris or life rafts.

Malaysian Airlines fight MH370 went missing last Saturday with 239 people on board.


Geography students at UoN’s Malaysia Campus will join the worldwide search for MH370

As the search becomes increasingly desperate, thousands of volunteers across the globe are scanning satellite images from DigitalGlobe.

Dr Vu, an associate professor at UoN, is an expert in disaster responses and crowd-sourcing.  He said:

“I have looked at 40 tiles (images) so far, but no news yet. I also informed students today and asked if they want to participate. I also hope that satellite images of more extended area will be soon available.”

Crowd-sourcing is jargon for getting information or ideas from a large group, particularly via the internet.

Anyone in the world can visit the Tomnod website to search DigitalGlobe’s satellite images and tag anything suspicious.

It recently emerged that two passengers were using stolen passports, but officials say there are no apparent links to terrorist groups.