Miranda Hart at the Capital FM Arena

Miranda Hart just finished her string of shows at the arena, and she was epic…

Most 6ft, still very much single 41-year-old ladies would probably wish to hide themselves away their flat dressed in a slanket with 32 cats and numerous tubs of Ben and Jerry.

Not Miranda Hart.

Well known for taking the piss out of herself in her self-named TV show, her stand-up continues in much the same vain, sharing some of her most embarrassing life moments which included an alarming number of accidental nude incidents (including one she fondly refers to as the ‘muff on buff’ incident where she lost her bikini pants in a swimming pool before jumping onto a muscley man).

miranda hart 2

The theme of the evening was a party for the entire packed arena, complete with dancing to Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ (which we all remember from school discos), party snacks and even setting up a couple of unsuspecting audience members for an interval date.

Her main message to us all was to ‘jolly up life’ by re-embracing the freedom found in six-year-olds –  such as playing the floor is lava in work, jumping into revolving doors with a stranger or performing ballet in the post office queue. Life is too short to be sensible, something Miranda demonstrates only too well.

Finally, this single lady explosively finished off the evening giving Beyoncé a run for her money – strutting out to Crazy in Love in a gold, sparkly, sequined dress and matching high tops flanked by fireworks and confetti canons.

Ladies, forget being Madame Knowles and start channeling the fabulous Miranda Hart.