Lenton turns red over night: “The underdog’s got bite”

Lenton wakes up bemused as streets turn red over night.

In the biggest election related stunt this University has probably ever seen in the history of all time, Lenton woke up to a Derby Road covered in red.

Katie Williams, the female “lone wolf” (HerCampus) and Tab darling of the Presidential candidate race ‘Covered the Night’ in red and left most Lenton residents bemused this morning.


Red, red and more red. As far as the eye can see. Every tree was wrapped with a neat bow, every bus stop covered.


When asked she said: “I’m a small team, I don’t have an army, I can’t shout the loudest.

“I wanted to make a statement, a statement that the underdog’s got bite and the little nobody is worth listening to, worth backing and worth voting for.”


The race for president goes on and voting closes on the 14th!