The 7 types of final year students

Funny how three short years completely changes you…

In just a few short years, uni changes us all.

We all start as eager, nervous freshers but by third year, things are very different.

Which of these 7 types of final year student are you?

The library hermit

Luvin Lyfe

I hate third year.

Never seen or heard because they’re in the bottom floor of Hallward surrounded by books and empty coffee cups.

When they do let their hair down they often surprise people by becoming the life and soul of the party – probably because of the excess of caffeine in their systems.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’ve got soooooo much work to doooooo!!!’

The society-whore

Nothing shows committee pride like stache

Nothing shows committee pride like your stash

Since their first year they’ve been catching society memberships like prostitutes catch STIs.

The society-whore is now on a plethora of committees and as a result is always at an event or meeting. You’ve no idea how they manage to do their degree as well.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’m the glue that holds Karni together.’

The careerist


Always at an interview or careers event – everyone is jealous of their organisation and determination.

You never want to ask what they’ve done with their day because you know it will have beendisgustingly more productive than yours. One of few who actually read all the emails Careers and Employability send us.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘Can you have a quick look at my C.V?’

The mother hen


Like an unofficial peer mentor the mother hen has taken a group of fresher children under their wing.

These freshers learn everything they know about uni from their mother hen who is happy to help.  They are often seen out meeting their freshers for coffee at Portland.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘Make sure you buy your tickets for Ocean in advance kids, time for me to procrasti-bake!’



Busy knowing EVERYONE

Simultaneously one of the most hated and respected of uni residents, the BNOC has spent the first two years of his uni life making friends in high places.

Now the BNOC is at the heart of uni life and politics and knows how to use this position to their advantage. Election time weeds out the wannabe from the rest.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’m running for SU President #OnePromise.’

The jaded oldie


Ready for tha party

Their heavy workload this year has meant that they rarely go on nights out anymore and they are simultaneously jealous and annoyed at freshers who can still go out every night.

Most nights you’ll find them tucked up in bed with their laptop and a cuppa.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I miss first year: I bet none of the freshers now party as well as I did.’

The die-hard clubber


Drinking from the teapot of life

Unlike the jaded oldie, the die-hard refuses to relinquish the joys of alcohol. They always work hard and play hard.

They’ve got smart with practice and know how to manage a hangover so that they can still be productive.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I wrote 200 words today: I deserve this night out damnit!’


Wherever you’ve ended up in your final year, power on through – the end is niiiiigh!