How to: Dress for graduate interviews (For the Girls)

The Tab helps you dress for you interview in style.

If you are a final year student, interviews will (hopefully) become part and parcel with daily life.

The usual woman’s suit will always be your first thought when attending an interview, but why stick to something so boring and conventional?

It’s easy to create outfits that are as professional as a suit, but have so much more style to them.

The Tab gives you some ideas on how to dress “chic” for that all important interview.

Grad scheme, here we come!

Plain Blazers

You will automatically look more professional in a blazer – it’s science.

A simple black blazer should be a wardrobe staple, much like a pair of ‘go-with-everything’ heels and a simple hand bag.


Monocrome suit

Take the classic black and white suit and change it up by wearing your white blouse over black leggings. Top it off with a long black blazer rather than a short one to add a hint of the “oversized” trend without taking it too far.

You can wear this outfit with simple black flats, or a short black heel.


Bold Blazer

Wear your colorful blazer over a simple outfit, rather than going over the top “bold”.

By keeping things professional but adding a pop of colour, your outfit screams, ‘I’m employable but I also like to party!’

They’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.


Pencil Skirts

A classic interview wardrobe choice, professional but also with a sexy hint to it.

Wear your pencil skirt with a short heel to accentuate the fit of the skirt.

Printed Blouses

Instead of sticking to a classic white blouse, try spicing up your look with colors and prints.

Mixing fashionable and professional is the aim here and like the bold blazer, the patterned blouse is a simple but elegant way to blend the two.


A Little Black Dress

A little black dress is ALWAYS an option, even for an interview.

Wear your little black dress under your blazer and add some subtle gold accessories for the perfect look.


A Different White Blouse

Add some edge to your simple white blouse, by choosing something of a different material, like silk.

Also a simple detail added to it like some black stripes can totally refresh your look.


Good luck everyone! And remember, if you’re looking for a fun way to boost your CV pre-interview, WRITE FOR THE TAB!

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