92% of students don’t know what the SU does

Vast majority of students don’t know who their SU President is, either

92% of students don’t know what the SU does for them, and 72% don’t even know who their SU President is.

A Tab survey of 204 Nottingham students on campus revealed that the vast majority of students simply don’t care about the SU. We asked them two very simple questions:

  • Do you know who your SU President is?
  • Do you know what your SU has done for you this year?

Only 17 people knew what the SU had done for them this year, but 1500 students have signed The Tab’s petition to overturn the ridiculous ban on Varsity Rugby last term (which the SU has completely ignored, despite numerous attempts to contact them).

One person we asked said: “Oh, I know what they’ve done! They’ve fucked Karni over.” This answer did not count as a yes.

Another asked if “something to do with library hours” counts as him knowing what the SU does for its students. This answer also did not count as a yes.

Only 28% of students even knew who their SU President was. Considering Ellie McWilliam was voted in by Nottingham students, this is somewhat surprising.

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Rosie Gawthrop, a third year Music student, said: “We should know what the SU does for us. They’re the foundation of our university lives, and we pay for them. Surely if we don’t know what they are doing, they’re not doing their jobs properly?”

First year Marley Jacobs-Sadler said: “It’s a joke. They need to be way more open.”