Student fashion stereotypes, which are you?

A student’s choice of outfit often speaks volumes about them. The Tab provides you with a variation of student fashion stereotypes, which are you?

The old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover is true, it seems, about almost everything but student fashion stereotypes.

As a student, your choice of outfit says a great degree about you – from the lifestyle you might lead, down to the subject you may study.

The Tab provides you with a break down of popular student fashion types.

1.  The Lawyer

Arguing with every possible point made in tutorials, it’s probable that if you ever met him (the stereotypical know-it-all Law student), you’d hate him with a strange passion.

Dressed smart, as to remove the need for an outfit change for the Slaughter & May careers talk scheduled for the late afternoon, he is often sharp in appearance.


2. The Hipster

Oversized and vibrant clothes are to MDMA and Ketamine what a tweed blazer is to an Ancient History lecturer – a long-standing companion.

Although not particularly course specific, the campus hipster can often be seen in vintage stock, pledging allegiance to Stealth and all things trendy.


3. The Stash Whore

The sports stash whore seemingly suffers from concerning levels of memory loss; the distinctly labeled sporting apparel acts as a memory aid, reminding the individual (and anyone they should so  pass) exactly what sport it is they play.

Seen around campus in some combination of stash – from a sports hoodie and gilet, to synthetic tracksuit bottoms and a Hollister T-shirts – we can only assume they’re part of the team, and have a protein shake hidden somewhere on their person.


4. The Humanities Student

The semi-archetypal humanities student unabashedly does not concern themselves with basic colour coordination, let alone contemporary fashion.

Nursing a pint of real ale at Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, they consider both their course and various film trilogies to be far more important.


The Social Science student:

Why are the majority of social science students so reluctant to embrace fashion, and put their style where their mouth is? Unfortunately, we still don’t know.

Often seen in plain effortless outfits, you’d certainly be forgiven for mistaking them for a body of H&M Student Brand Ambassadors.


There are however a small proportion of social scientists that concern themselves with fashion, attempting outfits a tad riskier than a plain t-shirt and straight jeans.

social sci cool

5. The Engineer

Characterised by lengthy lab sessions and high contact hours, engineering labs are home to students draped  in the comfiest of clothing.

The slouchy fitting polo t-shirt is their preferred option, leaving a few buttons undone to allow a cool breeze access to their sweaty chest as they endure a stressful motors lab.

Adequately padded running shoes are a further outfit fixture, protecting the ankles as they rush to and from lectures.

The chunkier and unsightly, the better – no New Balances or Nike’s allowed.


6. The Medic

For the male medic, the chino trouser is key.

Perhaps it’s the versatility. Maybe it’s cause you just can’t go wrong with a beige trouser, or it might simply be that the innocuous colour speaks to their bland personalities – we’re not quite sure. All we do know is, they absolutely love them!

The chino’s are often accompanied with a dark coloured Hollister T-shirt, or a print T-shirt, if they’re feeling particularly naughty.


7. The Architect

Perpetually busy, Architects are rarely afforded with the time to put together outfits.

Their creative nature is reflected in what they do wear, adding an element of individuality to the most basic of outfits.