InstaGlam: Campus Edition

Not even Instagram can help to improve our campus on a bad day. Try as we may, Hallward will never resemble anything more attractive than an ash tray – dirty and angular.

Like the people who inhabit it, UoN campus is one of the prettiest and generally superior universities in all the land, what with its very own clock tower and Hogwarts-esque lake.

That being said, we must admit that there are still some areas on campus that are not so easy on the eye, so with the help of Instagram we set out to ‘glam’ them up a bit. 


As an English student used to the elegance of Trent building I find it hard to believe that the poor Engineering students not only have to spend so much time in university (compared to my 5 hours a week) but that they must do so in what’s easily the ugliest bit of campus.

The bleak grey of the buildings and the random skyscraper can’t do much to lift their spirits as they arrive for a 9am lab. I do pity them as I roll over in my warm bed and read another page or two of my book in preparation for my one seminar of the week.


Almost photogenic when at a distance and shot through some tree branches….almost.



The dreaded Hallward Library is associated with the exam period and the stress of trying to find a power socket in the sweltering heat of bad air conditioning and sweaty student bodies. And it’s also pretty fucking ugly.

Those slit windows make the poor unfortunate souls within feel like they are in a prison (sort of) and even from the outside it looms high on the hill (sort of) and reminds us that deadlines are ever approaching.

As hard as it is to believe, even the amazing Instagram filters did nothing to make this rubix-cube masquerading as a building appealing to the eye.


Where misery lives



Okay maybe this one is a little unfair as I haven’t seen a bin I liked the look of since I was in Year 4 and my Primary School playground got one of those bins that looked like a giant frog eating your rubbish.

But still, as the greenest campus in the world you’d have thought it would be hidden better…

The sunlight streaming through the gaps in the fence does make this mini-dump look a bit nicer though, just don’t think too long about why that mattress might have been abandoned.


Sunshine, lollipops and booze bottles


This Thing

Some say it’s leftover from when there was a factory on campus, others think it was placed on UoN to send up a signal to the mothership when the aliens are ready to land.

Either way, no one needs or enjoys that phallic tower blocking out the sun when it eventually shows its face.


We all know it looks like a dick.



Those  in off-campus halls will automatically resent freshers who could crawl out of bed and be in the lecture halls in 5 minutes, but also be smug about how butt-ugly the hall buildings are.

Admittedly some are worse than others and that’s a whole debate that a braver man can enter into, but as a whole they look like the place antique bricks go to die.

Instagram lends a helping hand by disguising their poo-brown colour and bathing them in a beautiful sun-shiney glow. Ahhhh, that’s better.


Sorry Ancaster but you’re the Dino’s pizza of halls – warm, comforting, but disgusting to look at


Tram-line Works

This might not necessarily be the Universities fault but there’s no denying that all the work going on makes the place look a real state.

Fortunately it all seems to be taking place in the already minging Science and Engineering section. As long as they stay away from the god-like Trent Building we’ll remain tight-lipped.

Pretty unnecessary though considering no Notts student has ever used a tram. Like, ever.


That cone will disappear along with dignities on the next Campus 14


 The Lake etc.

Despite all of these eyesores, let’s not forget that there are some pretty beautiful areas just a 5 minute walk away from your lecture, so why not take some time out of your day (note: not time when you should be in said lecture) and go and explore the Downs or search for the mythical Millenium Garden.

Every ugly girl needs an good looking friend to make her acceptable: the lake and Trent building act as the Portland building’s (front side) attractive buddy.


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls