Left Soc Leader: Putin should invade Ukraine

Controversy as Left Soc leader faces criticism for hoping Russia invades Ukraine

A potential NUS delegate for Nottingham has controversially claimed that he “hopes Putin takes troops into Ukraine” after their revolution last week.

Scotty Jennings, Leader of UoN Left Soc, has said that he “actually hope[s] Putin takes troops into Ukraine and secures the Russian speaking areas if the fascists are rising to power.”

Scotty also said of the Russian President Vladimir Putin that “he is no saint but he is better than the Nazis.” This was agreed upon by other members of Left Soc.

Scotty Jennings wrote in the same post that he believes “it is becoming more and more clear the fascists are dominating the Ukrainian Uprising.” The post centred around a Russia Today article which discussed the destruction of Lenin and other Soviet era statues in Ukraine. Russia Today is funded by the Russian Government.

Felipe Cuello, head of the United Nations Youth Association, said: “The EU was created with the specific purpose of preventing the return of fascism to Europe. To the extent that events in Ukraine bring her closer to Brussels, fascism should not be a bugbear to be taken seriously, particularly not when coming from Russia Today.”

The President of the Russian Society, Valeria Iouvera, added: “How is invading an independent state with troops not as extremist as the leader of Left Soc claims the protesters to be? I personally believe Ukraine should deal with the internal issues independently, without Russia or any other European state being involved. Otherwise the Ukrainians will never reach the sovereignty they believe they lack.”

Scotty Jennings is on the committee of the Living Wage Campaign at Nottingham University, has been at strikes with lecturers over an increase in pay and was a candidate to be an NUS delegate in the recent elections. Left Soc is applying to become affiliated to Nottingham University SU this year.

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Jennings declined to comment.