CARNAGE is carnage

Outrage as students drink alcohol and wear revealing clothes

Paramedics were seen dealing with hammered Nottingham students last night, as the last Carnage UK pub crawl of the year descended into chaos.

Hundreds of students from Notts and Trent were taking part in the ‘Playboys vs Bunnies’ themed event, despite the torrential rain and freezing conditions. Lads.

In the biggest Sunday night out since records began, paramedics were photographed treating at least one prone student whilst other scantily clad men and women ran amok in our fine city.

We could run a story on the issue of drinking culture amongst students, and how disgraceful it is that the leaders of tomorrow are vomiting on today’s pavements, but we’re not going to bore you. Instead, here are some of the funniest photos (and some not so funny) from last night’s chaos:





How dare they?

Just look at our future!

One day, he may reproduce

That’s right. Stop these rowdy youths ruining our city

What next? Narcotics? Drinking games where you nominate a friend to down an alcoholic beverage?

This country’s going to the dogs

Shouldn’t he be studying?


Drain on our economy

Drain on our economy

He'll regret having fun when he starts applying for jobs

He’ll regret having fun when he starts applying for jobs

Another example of 'lad culture' - look how sexist this young male is

Another example of ‘lad culture’ – look how sexist this young male is


This was probably one of millions requiring medical help


Think of the children


This is all rap music’s fault


They’re probably not even married


Students are known for intimidating passers-by


Here you can see students waiting for a cash point. All they do is take




Don’t they have lectures to go to?


Can’t put this on the cv

Good luck finding employment

These students are mocking their heritage