Teen locked up after rape of student in Nottingham

18 year-old jailed after ‘disgusting’ attack last October

A teenager has been jailed for nine years after he raped a student in Nottingham.

Darryn Bradshaw, 18, was told by a judge that he was “unfit for the society of decent people.”

Bradshaw attacked the victim as she made her way to a friend’s house at 3am on October 11 last year. He appeared from a car park and grabbed her by the neck before dragging her onto a grassy bank and raping her three times. He also robbed her of her phone and £27.

Darryn Bradshaw

Darryn Bradshaw

Bradshaw pleaded guilty to all charges after being traced by DNA. Judge Michael Stokes QC told him: “You have pleaded guilty to one of the worst offences of rape I have had to deal with.

“There are thousands of young women in this city studying at one or other of our universities or colleges. They are entitled to walk in the streets of this city without being subjected to robbery and rape, and it is the duty of the court to punish men like you who treat them in this disgusting way.”

The victim managed to hail down a taxi and report the incident to the police on the night. She waited three months for the results of a blood test to check for HIV, and has said she “cannot cope with footsteps behind me or anyone behind me and I carry a personal alarm.”

Since the arrest, inmates have slipped razor blades beneath Bradshaw’s cell door. He has also been bullied and beaten.