The Highlighter Personality Test

What your studying reveals about your inner psyche….

Have a habit with your notes? The Tab delves into the meaning of all things Stabilo to bring you the truth about what your note taking tendencies say about you.

On inspection of your pens, we can scientifically* tell you what type of person you really are …

The Obsessive-Compulsive


Must. Make. Pretty

You compulsively use different highlighters and pens so your work is a masterpiece of colours.

While it shows a creative and imaginative mind by being able to learn this way, you might be spending too much time on dedicating your energy to highlighting rather than on the truly creative things.  

Advice – relax a little, if you’re this anal about work, how will you ever find a suitable other half?

The ‘I Swear I’m Doing Work’-er


Oh yeah, really interesting stuff, yes

The classic case of deception. This fellow is very good at tricking fellow housemates as to the naked eye appears to be highlighting good stuff but on closer inspection, they are highlighting 95% + of the page to look like they’re paying attention.

A clever yet sneaky move sir, well done.  You show logical and creative thinking but it also shows how little you actually want to learn.

Advice – Save yourself some money and just stop highlighting! Do you know every Simpson’s line just because they’re bright yellow?

The Note-Taker


Organisation is key

Ah the overly keen! Unlike most of us, there are a dedicated few who write up their lecture notes and reading immediately in an prepared manner.

So what does it say about the person?

They could either be the coolest people on earth for being so organised (hence getting extra time to party near exams), or they are verging on the obsessive-compulsive category and will still re-write the same notes when exams come around.

Advice – Dare to underline! Let yourself be free and have a cheeky highlight of a library book so you feel like the MoneySupermarket guy!

The Non-Committal

I'll read it later ... maybe

I’ll read it later … maybe

You read books, you bookmark the page for reference later, you never return to those pages.

Instead you are to be found using Google Books and ‘Ctrl F’ when coursework deadlines are looming. As suggested in the title, this shows you to be not all committed to the cause and can often be seen to flake on ideas and nights out.

Advice – If you can’t commit to a book, how will make it through an entire Crisis All-Nighter? Think about it guys!

The Biro Guy


job done, simple

This chap owns just one pen. A bog standard Biro that came free at freshers fair (guilty as charged). But what does this say about him?

Well, in all fairness it shows they have a proactive work ethic but the Biro suggests they stroll into lectures late and have never heard of or seen the inside of a Paperchase or Blackwells. Barbarian.

Advice – Biro = boring! Mix it up and maybe your love life will get a stirring too. You’re 25% more likely to get laid after a late night highlighting sesh in Hallward.

The Mind-Mapper


Check out my cool new posters guys!

The extremely proactive learners. What starts with a few mind maps of topics soon turns into a mass of colours, diagrams and arrows which now feature as your new wallpaper.

As for what this says about you, I think it’s obvious that you’re creative and hard working but a little strange when you become crazy ‘spider-diagram’ lady.

Advice – Ditch the mind map wallpaper if you’re looking for an Ocean romance back at yours. Show your sensitive side and put up a hilarious cat picture instead! Much better conversation is to be had  (if you get that far) about ‘Kitty in Teapot’.