Horrific Trent cheerleading chat exposed

Someone’s jealous…

In what appears to be a desperate act of jealousy, Trent have launched a VITRIOLIC ATTACK upon the Nottingham Knights, UoN’s beloved cheerleading team.

The hashtag ‘richmond sausauges’ was frequently tweeted by furious Trent losers after their defeat in Basketball Varsity last night, and the reasoning behind that has just emerged, with this photo just posted on Heard in Hallward.

Oh hell no.

Oh hell no…

It remains unclear whether the hate has been inspired by last night’s heavy defeat, or getting outshone in the cheerleading. Frankly, it could be both.

If we really wanted to twist the knife, we’d say that it may even have been caused by the Trent Tigers cheerleaders side getting completely outclassed by the Trent Dance Soc.

Also, a quick Google search reveals that the NTU Tigers didn’t even do a charity calendar. It’s going from bad to worse for them, really…

Our cheerleaders love making a difference, where's your calendar?

Our cheerleaders love making a difference, where’s your calendar?

The attack follows some horrific abuse which The Tab twitter account received last night, with NTU living up to their billing as uneducated knobheads. Even SU member Paddy Atkinson jumped on the bandwagon, which we thought was highly unprofessional.

Big words

Big words

Look, we all know that the Trent wit is substandard. But dishing out ‘your mum jokes’ was surely a new low…

This guy may or may not be 13

This guy may or may not be 13

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 17.18.47


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 17.21.12

laying the smackdown…

The Richmond sausages photo emerged on Heard in Hallward, posted by James Kellet, a third year Entrepeneurship student at NTU (us too).

He said: “The girls looked sizzling. But I’m not a misogynist.”

We pointed out that he had compared our sacred cheerleaders to sausages though. He added: “It’s undeniable.”